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U-loop bags


prices: 200 euro rear and 240 front bag including racks.

superlight and fast system, the U-loops stay on the frame and the bags slide on and strap with single velcro. wider model for front and smaller for rear. closure with rolltop buckles.

2 x 53 gram rear rack, 2 x 80 gram front rack.  2 x 140 gram rearbag, 2 x 230 gram frontbag (includes extra rearpocket)

Mounts on 3 x cargocage eyelets on the front, 2 x bottlecage eyelets on the rear.

I can redesign the shape of the U to match your bike’s mount-points.





set of bike packing bags including U-loops.

spacing 6,4cm (used on forks for bottlecages)



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