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U-loop bags


prices: 200 euro rear and 225 for the front.

superlight and fast system, the U-loops stay on the frame (70gram a set) and the bags slide on and strap with single velcro. wider model for front and smaller for rear. closure with rolltop buckles (gravel) or velcro (road). bags run nicely narrow to the bike. they sit tight.

needed a 6,4 cm mount point, or use the welded version wich works with hoseclamps or I’ll drill 2 holes if your ok with drilling 4,2mm holes in your seat stays and tapping a M5 thread.

I can redesign the shape of the U to match your bike or mountpoints.

next project will be a dyneema version (cuben fibre).




set of bike packing bags including U-loops.

spacing 6,5cm (used on forks for bottlecages)

25 x 15 x 10 cm


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