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semi rolltop porteurbag

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semi rolltop porteurbag, strapped or bungee cord mounting on rack and rear part.

mapsheet, or elastic cord,   3 inner pockets, back and front pocket, side pockets or mesh.

stiffeners to keep it’s shape. D-rings and shoulder strap.  quick closure with velcro and additional strap with buckle.

35 x 23 x 17/27 cm   (w x d x h) is a size, but really,  customers ask and I deliver: give me dimensions you need (rack size?), no problem. they go from smallish to big.





1 review for semi rolltop porteurbag

  1. Paavo Ylönen (verified owner)

    Mine looks absolutely amazing, the finish is second to none and tiny details really make it sit nicely on my rack. Dispatch was unbelievably quick. I think this piece of kit will last me at least half a lifetime. The customization options were plenty and if you can’t make up your mind you’ll find help.

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