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randonneur bag


inspired after the classical model of the French randonneurs; it is the best way to take it all with you on the road.

The front pocket is aerodynamically shaped so that the bag works as a windshield, the top cover is a large map holder, all fastenings are of Velcro to operate very quickly with one hand.

Inside the bag 3 side pockets.

With aluminum bracket for mounting decaleur, at bottom Velcro strap for additional fixing to carrier.

dimensions: 24 x 21 x 32 (b x h x d)
Bags are made of waxed canvas, it is breathable and waterproof and made in pakistan 100% natural.

or have it a more ‘modern’ way; cordura or x-pac, mounted on the rear part, fidlock closure, small aero shape.





1-randobag audax waxed canvasberlin lage randonneurtas 2berlin lage randonneurtas 1berlin lage randonneurtas 6bike moton floating low rider and bag



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