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Den Bosch – Laon


cycling france bags1-fietsreis-frankrijk b-001I made a short trip to northern France, actually wanted to go in one day to Paris, but when I crossed the French border at 5.30 am , it was very hot over there. I had to find another store before closing time for my night supply, but no change for that in northern France. Only for 3 hours  and 90km later I found a night shop in Laon . I had driven  too fast and couldn’t manage to eat my pasta at the pizzeria. After my last experience with a heat wave I had become cautious and I didn’t feel like riding the returntrip the next afternoon in this hot France, so this would mean taking a train from Paris, but I came here to cycle, so turned my bike and drove back into the French night and enjoyed a wonderful trip!
After 650km I really got in the mood for a cold beer and  toke the train home in Maastricht.
I‘m all in all happy about how I finally managed the heat , next time I’ll make it to Paris and be better prepared.

600km Merselo


After the last trip having to stop at night to sleep, I could now ride all the way. My longest distance nonstop now stands at 660km and really painless, nice! it’s getting somewhere. From Venray the route went through Zeeland along the coast up to Enkhuizen and back on the Veluwe.
At night we found 2 randonneurs at a gas station, they were too excited to ride ahead and now were completely broken, Richard was asleep somewhere and Jan had just thrown up and was miserable. We decided to take them with us and adjust our speed.
In the dark we crossed the Houtribdijk, and I waited for two stragglers, when they didn’t turn up, I rode back to our group,and found three riders peacefull asleep in the grass, that was the first time I saw something like this, funny to see! We awoke them and tried to keep the rest of our group together for the last 180km.
All together a wonderful trip with a great weather.