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TIM TAS & REK is a workshop for the manufacture of randonneur and porteur bags and racks, located in the historic town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Being a small company, I’m able to  treat every customer with personal care and I can’t stop coming up with new solutions.

Stainless steel tubing combines truly beautiful in every frame and using bolting techniques allow for flexible applications and make it easier to produce custom orders.

Waxed canvas is a great product: it is a solid fabric that remains both breathable and waterproof.


quote from supplier:
The canvas is 100% cotton and is usually 550 grams per m2. It is made in Pakistan and each year the manufacturer stays a week at my place. He assured me that no children work in his factory. Customers who have been there  confirm that. The canvas comes into yarn and is woven and dyed in the factory  and waxed with wax. All naturally. It actually has no maintenance. The color becomes more pale by rain and sunshine. But that’s a natural reaction. I heard from a customer she always gets eczema on her hands in the processing of other canvas. and that she got no eczema of the canvas I sell . This indicates that no chemicals are added. with best regards, cees Cousijnsen”

I use a cotton / polyester yarn which swells when it gets wet, in combination with a fine needle in order to make the seams as watertight as possible.